• The Genie Cleaning Company provides Commercial & Industrial window cleaning throughout the majority of the Midlands area...
  • Where possible most commercial and industrial buildings can be cleaned using our water-fed pole system; our system can reach windows up to 60 feet – safely, with no need for ladders; safety is of paramount importance to us, if there are no ladders brought to your site then there is no possibility of our window cleaners falling...peace of mind for us all.
  • The system can be considered environmentally friendly as there is no need for detergent, so no run-off of anything other than water around your buildings.
  • Privacy is maintained as none of our window cleaners need look into 2nd or 3rd storey windows; previously inaccessible windows can be reached easily at no extra expense.

What Else do you need to Know?

Although the vast majority of commercial buildings can be cleaned using the water-fed pole system alone, some buildings will have windows in excess of 60 feet high; don't worry as these can be cleaned using mobile elevated work platforms (cherry pickers), by our IPAF qualified Staff

What We Offer:

  • Pure Water-Fed Pole system up to 60 ft.
  • IPAF qualified to use mobile elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) £10 Million public liability insurance
  • Full Method Statement & Health and Safety Risk Assessment with every quote
  • CRB Checked, Qualified Staff


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