Conservatory Roof


Conservatories, just like any other part of the external surface of a building, are subject to the full rigour of the British weather, if not cleaned regularly, conservatories may become dirty and grow moss/algae causing loss of light and in some cases causes discolouration in UPVC panes.


The Genie Cleaning Company can help you keep your conservatory looking brand new. Using our reach and wash equipment, we can get to all the hard to reach and tricky plastic finials across the top of the conservatory to its glory days.


Many customers choose to have their conservatory roofs cleaned every 6 months to coincide with their regular monthly window cleaning, though we can arrange ‘one-off’ conservatory roof cleans too for a special occasion.


Conservatory roof clean will include the cleaning of finial across the top, all structure of the conservatory, plastic/glass panes, guttering and the windows of the conservatory…





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